Do garage door openers have reset buttons?

I have a genie garage door opener that stopped working after a major power surge to my home. Is there a reset button somewhere on the unit that might have tripped that I need to reset? If not, does anyone know what might have happened?

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  1. kiwali says:

    do you have to reporgam it wehn you replace the battries?

  2. HomeSecurityStoreCom says:

    No, you should not have to, Thanks!

  3. hrly says:

    Most openers today do not have a reset button, They’re found occasionally on very old openers (circa 1970/80′s). The power surge probably took out the circuit board and in a Genie it’s most likely cheaper to replace the opener.

  4. duane w says:

    first see if there is power there. plug anything else in it and see. if it is there then look the motor over for a button but it may be toast. if no power look for the problem in a GFI outlet in the garage or a circuit breaker tripped.

  5. says:

    Most today have no reset. It is built into the motor windings. I have never seen or heard of a bad one. Your circuit board is probably ruined. You might check the step down transformer inside but other than that you are going to need a new board. Please list the model and I can tell you where to get a new one. Make really sure you have power at the outlet on the ceiling.

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