Garage door opener doesn't work in the cold?

Any ideas why this happens I have a keypad on the outside of the garage that I use to open the garage. It usually works fine. except when it gets cold. Usually in the winter, it won’t work in the morning when its most cold, but often works in the afternoon when it is warmer. The remote controls in the car work fine, its just the outside keypad. It is relatively new and was professionally installed. Thanks for any help.

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  1. chicagolandhobby says:

    I know aplace where you can get one compadible with the Stanley. PM me and I can send you a link.

  2. sms373 says:

    You dont need a screw driver you can use your hand and slide it down.

  3. james s says:

    try changing the battery

  4. Mark N says:

    Maybe the battery or it is wet on the inside and freezes when it is cold.

  5. Paul in San Diego says:

    There might not have been a good connection to the wires when it was installed. So, when it gets cold and the metal contacts contract, there is no continuity with the wires and it doesn’t work. Either that or the circuit in the keypad has a component or even a solder joint that is affected by the cold. I would have them come back out and look at the keypad, and probably replace it.

  6. rizinoutlaw says:

    probably a bad keypad if the door will open with remotes when cold. Most keypads nowadays are wireless.

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