How do i figure out the DIP switch sequence on my Genie H4000A garage door opener?

I have a 1/2 HP, H4000A model garage door opener. We recently moved so it does not have any garage door openers for the car but has a few on the walls. I’m putting in a Clicker universal garage door opener wireless keyless entry. It attached to the outside of the garage door and uses a sequence of 4 numbers to open the garage. In order to program it i need the DIP switch sequence but it is no where to be found. Is there anyway to find it out or figure it out based on the circuit board or anything?

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  1. cundy swab says:

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  2. halen amber says:

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  3. sailingsoul says:

    The dip switch in your remote must be set the same as the dip switch in the base unit. When they are set the same settings the transmitter (remote) will talk to the receiver (base unit). You’ll have to open up the base unit to see the dip switch, possibly requiring a screw driver. Remotes have their dip switch visible in the battery compartment.

    From the factory, ALL units are set the same code so it’s always a good idea to set your own code different.
    If you don’t kids can drive around any neighborhood and see which garage doors open to their remote that is set by the factory. Giving then access to your garage and possibly your home, when your not there. SS

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