How do I sync another vehicle to my garage door opener?

Just bought a new ride and I cant find the right info to see how I sync this vehicle so that my opener recognizes it.

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  1. jeep x says:

    usually there is a button on ur garage door motor u have to push it and run to ur car and hold ur garage door button till it closes and that can take like 3 minutes. if nothing else, get on a ladder and get the model number of ur garage door motor and type it in on google with how to program.

  2. Radar Man says:

    Most garage openers have a learn button which needs to be press first. Then press the remote button. Then press the learn button again. You should be now able to use the second remote to open the garage door.

    The above instruction is for genie and overhead garage doors. Other manufacturers steps may vary. Try to yahoo the manufacturer and model for exact instructions.

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