How to program 2 garage door clickers to one opener?

Hello, I have a Chamberlain garage door opener with 2 original remotes. I wanted to add a Chamberlain wireless keypad by the garage for easy access when riding a motorcycle. When I programed the wireless keypad the original 2 remotes no longer worked. Then I programed 1 remote and the keypad doesn’t work. My opener was made is 2002 and has the red smart learn function with instructions on the side. But every time I program something new I lose what I just programed. How can I get all 3 to work? And worse case scenario I want my 2 clickers to work just like they did before. Chamberlain online help doesnt answer my questions and neither does the owners manual.

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  1. STEVEN F says:

    You have to program ALL the remotes, including the keypad in ONE session. The unit is DESIGNED to lose everything previously programed whenever you enter programing mode. This is how you make sure a lost remote will no longer work.

  2. Chris says:

    Check to see the MHz on your opener and on the new wireless keypad you bought. Older openers operate on 390MHz while newer ones are 315Mhz. If your old opener is 390 and the new wireless keypad you bought is 315 they are not going to work together. Take the keypad back and get one that matches the MHz on your opener.

    If they are the same MHz, then I suggest wiping out the codes entirely. Instead of just pressing the Learn Button, hold it in until the light goes out. Now try reprogramming again.

    This video shows how to reprogram Liftmaster(Chamerblain) openers, and may offer some additional insights. Hope it helps!

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